All about the Inkjecta Eclipse Tattoo Machine

The Inkjecta Eclipse is a rotary tattoo machine designed for use with standard tattoo needles. It features a billet alloy construction and a custom nanotechnology motor to ensure very smooth performance.

The tattoo machine has a unique look that sets it apart from Inkjecta's line of Flite Nano rotary machines. It also comes with a 3.25mm chrome cam that is interchangeable and allows tattoo artists to choose their stroke length.

Additionally, the Inkjecta Eclipse is capable of firing up to a 45 Magnum. This tattoo machine can work in a wide voltage range from 4.5 to 18V. It also features dual spring vise locks, adjustable droop needle bar stabilizers, a resilient needle system with rigid and medium adjustment options, and a handcrafted medical-grade glide.