Eclipse DREX - Bronzed Aussie

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"Here is the first of several hand-crafted machines that I will be posting up for sale.

My passion is building products like this. Products that stand out and represent me personally and what I think the Inkjecta brand represents

Artists themselves create examples of their individuality each and every day.

Stand out from the crowd and bring this machine into your daily life.

Each DREX machine has an individual style and look and is an adaptation of the Inkjecta Eclipse range.

Many hours have gone in to preparing and presenting a unique tattoo machine that only you will hold.

Limited in numbers and sure to be a collector’s piece.

Available exclusively through our online store."

- Byron Drechsler

  • Machine Type * DREX Eclipse
  • Quantity Made * Once Off Product
  • Frame Material * Aged Bronze
  • Stabiliser * Aged Bronze
  • Australian Half Penny * 1955
  • DREX Side Badge * 925 Sterling Silver
  • DREX Slide Plate * 925 Sterling Silver
  • Vice Lock Nut * Brass and Antique Key
  • Stabiliser Lock Nut * Brass and Antique Key
  • Motor Housing * Standard
  • Flex Pin * Stainless Springer (Soft)
  • Stroke * 3.7mm
  • Roller * Brass
  • Motor Laser * DREX
  • Vice Face Laser * AUSTRALIA MAP
  • Indicator Screws * Stainless
  • Slide * Black and Silver Slide Plate

Included Parts:

  • 3.25mm Cam
  • Soft Flex Pin
  • Medium Flex Pin
  • Hard Flex Pin
  • Tools
  • Super Lube

**Life Time Service**
**12 Month Warranty on Parts**


Set as a colour packer. Medium to heavy hitting. Soft spring with an ideal voltage running range of 6-9 volts.