Flite Nano Ultra Lite

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The Ultra Lite Olive is painted in a solid olive and includes black bumpers and a clear cap.

Our Nano Ultra Lite is the lightest rotary tattoo machine on the market, with an extremely low weight of 45 grams, including all accessories.

Carbon is the solution for the low weight: the frame is a single injection molded piece. Less weight means long, comfortable work, and lively hands, allowing you to take full control and create art unhindered.

The powerful motor, packed with the latest nano-technology, comes with no start-up delay, and an LED keeps you clearly informed about the function of the RCA cable and power supply.

A 3.25mm stroke as standard makes the Flite Nano Ultra Lite an all-rounder tattoo machine suitable for all tattoo styles.

More torsion bars (1x semi-rigid, 1x soft, 1x medium and 1x hard) and the ability to use Inkjecta's full range of eccentrics make the Nano Ultra Lite one of the most flexible tattoo machines on the market ... the perfect mixture of function and comfort.

Available in Carbon (Transparent) and Olive.

Compatible with most cartridge grips.

technical features:

  • weight only 45g
  • Frame: Carbon Fiber
  • RCA connection
  • operating voltage 4.5 - 18 Volt
  • standard 3.25 mm cam
  • Storage Case and manual included
  • no delay startup
  • compatible with most battery packs
  • compatible with all Nano Machine grips
  • compatible with most cartridges