Inkjecta Flite Nano
Inkjecta Eclipse Tattoo Machine

Selection of our Inkjecta products

By Tattooists - for Tattooists

Flite Nano Elite Tattoo Machine

Flite Nano Elite

The Flite Nano Elite tattoo machine is our market leading flagship cartridge machine.


Inkjecta Flite X1 Tattoo Machine

Flite X1

The Inkjecta Flite X1 is the first truly cordless tattoo machine with one-touch output control and digitally adjustable needle depth.

Inkjecta Eclipse Blackout Tattoo Machine

Eclipse - Blackout

Not just another rotary tattoo machine, the Inkjecta Eclipse is here to shake things up!


Inkjecta International Pty Ltd is a tattoo machine manufacturer from Australia. The Inkjecta Rotary Tattoo Machines are of highest quality and allow many adjustment options (stroke, hit, etc.) with the included accessories. The machines work perfectly with all needle modules. Every Inkjecta machine is hand-built. All machines are driven by a special Faulhaber motor and are equipped with RCA connection. Our range includes the Inkjecta Flite Nano machines in different versions (X1, Elite, Ultra Lite, Lite, Titan, etc.), the Inkjecta Eclipse and a lot of accessories. Inkjecta is in great demand worldwide due to the high reliability and extremely smooth running of the motor. The Inkjecta tattoo machines were designed, developed and produced in Australia. A New Movement. A New Power. Let's get shopping!

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