Flite X1

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The Inkjecta Flite X1 wireless tattoo Machine delivers seamless DC power across a class leading power band, as well as the only digitally controlled needle depth adjustment control available on the market.
With intuitive single touch controls lead to less down time and intricate and simple control over every aspect of your machine at your finger tips.
Pair the ultimate wireless and powerful X1 with our new Ergo and Sniper grips to create the perfect set up for your work, pair it with your favourite grip, or check out the disposable ergo's for the most convenient and comfortable experience possible!


  • Battery operated with up to 8+ hours per charge
  • Power range of 4.5 - 16.5 volts
  • Super lightweight:
  • 110 grams/3.9 ounces without battery
  • 144 grams/5.1 ounces with large battery
  • 139 grams/4.9 ounces with small battery
  • Intuitive Smart onboard controls
  • Onboard digital needle depth control (0mm - 4.5mm) *Patent pending*
  • Onboard single-button voltage control *Patent Pending*
  • Multiple stroke lengths*
  • Multiple give options
  • Multiple battery options
  • Multiple grip options*
  • Powered by non-proprietary, incredibly cost effective batteries
  • Dual nanotechnology motors
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured Entirely in Australia

*Available Seperately
**Flite X1 is compatible with all Flite Nano Cams and Bars**

Each Flite X1 Includes:

  • Flite X1 Machine in Stealth, Smoke, troopa, Glass or Bottle.
  • 2-Port Smart Studio Charger
  • 3.25mm Cam (2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0 available seperately)
  • Carbon Rigid Bar (fitted)
  • Medium Torsion Bar
  • Hard Torsion Bar
  • 1x 2040mAH 18500 Li-Ion Battery
  • 1x 900mAH 18350 Li-Ion Battery & Spacer
  • Inox MX5 Lubricant
  • SuperLube
  • Magnetic Key Tools
  • Disposable grip for initial practice and packaging (attached)
  • Hard Protective Carry Case
  • Hard Cover Feature Book & Manual