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Pen Torsion Bar

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The Inkjecta Flite Pen torsion bars come in soft, medium and hard options,and semi-rigid options.
Allowing a full range of give options, select the bar and cam pairing that works perfectly for you.
Our torsion bars have variable give available with a simple twist of the bar, just loosen the grub.
Inkjecta Flite Pen torsion bars are 49mm long and are only compatible with the Inkjecta Flite Pen range of machines.

Technical Features

  • Materials: Ertalyte, Acetal, Stainles Steel.
  • Lenght: 49mm
  • Sold Individually

Advice: When looking at the top of the machine, the bar is at its softest setting when the cutouts are not facing the motor, when the cutouts are facing the machine the bar is at its hardest setting.