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King Brown
The Flite Nano Elite offers a multitude of options for the demanding work Tattoo Artists undertake. From the finest linework, to big power lines, the softest greys, and the most solid colour packing, the Flite Nano Elite can take it all in its stride. After years and endless hours of tattooing, the Flite Nano Elite is still leading the class.

Inkjecta is focused on delivering unmatched power while also allowing for the ability to customise your setup to meet anything you might throw at your machine. This is achieved through the combination of our nanotechnology motor, delivering an unparalleled power band of 4.5V to 18V, and our cam and torsion system that allows for quick and easy adjustments to suit your style.
If you’re looking for a tattoo machine that delivers incredible power and works for you rather than having to work around it, if you’re looking for that perfectly balanced set up, or even if you like to switch it up on the fly, the Inkjecta Flite Nano Elite is the perfect tattoo machine for you.
Create your personalised setup with the Inkjecta Flite Nano Elite!

Inkjecta Flite Nano tattoo machines come with a 3.25mm cam as standard, additional sizes are available as separate parts.

● Motor power rating: 4.5v to 18v
● Weight: 54 Grams/1.9 Ounces
● Custom designed nanotechnology motor
● Polarity sensitive LED Light (RCA/power supply/tattoo machine function indicator)
● Aerospace Billet Alloy frame
● Adjustable stroke system with interchangeable cams (various sizes available separately)
● Interchangeable cam cover (various colors available separately)
● Combo-style grip locking system (compatible with most available cartridge grips)
● Interchangeable push bar system for customizing give.
● Interchangeable side bumpers (to stop your machine from sliding across your bench and to customize your machine’s look)

Each Flite Nano Includes
● Inkjecta Flite Nano rotary tattoo machine
● 3.25mm Cam (various sizes available separately)
● Semi-Rigid Bar
● Soft, Medium, and Hard torsion bars
● Inox MX6 lubricant
● Allen key and spare grub screw for cam
● User manual and quick start guide